Officially Unofficial Fa Art Show
  • 01:00 PM - Nov 14 2015
  • 05:00 PM - Nov 15 2015
  • Cylinder Sound LTD, 165 John Street 3rd Floor, Toronto, Canada, M5T 1X3
  • [email protected]

Officially Unofficial Fan Art Show

21 Artists Celebrating 7 Episodes


Come join us for the Officially Unofficial Fan Art Show to celebrate one of our favorite franchises. We’ll be auctioning off some special art with all proceeds going to F.U.MS. a couple of weeks prior.

Open to public: Saturday November 14th 1pm – 5 pm & Sunday November 15th 1pm – 5 pm
Venue: Cylinder Sound & Film LTD, 165 John Street, 3rd Floor, Toronto, Canada, M5T1X3

Check out FANARTSHOW for more details